artist, curator, and designer


My name is Avigail Viray Bautista (I go by “Vi”—pronounced similarly to “key”), and I’m an Austronesian-American artist, designer, and curator from the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, I am finishing my last year of undergraduate studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

I firmly believe in ethnographically-driven methods and design strategies to engage with topics and issues pertinent to our time. My practice focuses on potential intersections between art, design, anthropology, social practice, curatorial studies, and emerging technologies (focusing on computational languages).

Collaboration being a core part of my practice, I co-founded two art and design collectives in recent years, KAIRE and Export Quality. With KAIRE (est. 2014–2017), we experimented with non-linear narratives in Film and New Media, which had gone on to receive accolades and exhibition appearances. Regarding my role in Export Quality (formed in late 2015, est. 2017), I gravitate toward curatorial endeavors and anthropologically-driven projects that engage with prevalent topics and issues concerning US-concerned and global intersectionality, the Philippine diaspora, and the archipelago itself.

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File, Save, Export: an Export Quality Collective Exhibition / 2017 / 187 Augusta, Toronto, ON
Open Engagement Conference: Rebirth Garments fashion show & dance / 2017 / Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL
The Design Show / 2017 / Chicago Art Department, Chicago, IL
SAIC BFA Show / 2017 / Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL
Nandito Na Ako: I'm Here, Now (2nd traveling iteration) / 2017 / ETSU, Johnson City, TN
LiT! : Living in Technicolor / 2016 / Toronto, Ontario, CA
Nandito Na Ako: I'm Here, Now (1st traveling iteration) /2016 / Tipton Gallery, Johnson City, TN
Nandito Na Ako: I'm Here, Now / 2016 / Leroy Neiman Gallery, Chicago, IL
All Dogs Go To Hell Part 2 / 2015 / Chicago, IL
New Blood VIII / 2015 / Links Hall, Chicago, IL
ExFEST / 2014 / SAIC Columbus Auditorium, Chicago, IL
48.24.12 Film Festival / 2014 / Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL
Student Community Exhibition / 2012 / Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA


Jacque and Natasha Gelman Scholarship recipient / 2017 / Chicago, IL
AMITA Health Design Hackathon (1st place winning team) / 2016 / Arlington Heights, IL
19th Annual Odyssey Travel Grant recipient / 2016 / Chicago, IL
Dean's List of Outstanding Students / 2015 / Chicago, IL
Leon W. Guggenheim Scholarship recipient / 2015 / Chicago, IL
Eleanor Foster Foundation Scholarship recipient /2015 / Chicago, IL
New Blood VIII Exhibiting Artist / 2014 / Chicago, IL
ExFest, Jury's Pick / 2014 / Chicago, IL
Morton Salt Girl Centennial Scholarship recipient/ 2014 / Chicago, IL
“48.24.12” 48-hour Film Festival (1st place winning team) / 2014 / Chicago, IL
Int'l Fumetto Comix-Festival Feature (as part of Gokhan Ersan’s Intro VisCom class submission) / 2013 / Lucerne, Switzerland
California Scholarship Federation Life Member / 2013 / San Mateo, CA
Duane Hagen Scholarship recipient / 2013 / San Mateo, CA
California Arts Scholar / Governor's Medallion / 2012 / Valencia, CA
Pixar Animation Studios CSSSA Scholarship recipient / 2012 / Valencia, CA
McConville Award for the Arts / 2011 / San Mateo, CA


Pamanang Pinoy: Shields & Armor / 2017 / The Field Museum, Chicago, IL
School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Board of Governors / 2016 / SAIC, Chicago, IL
Word Vomit / 2013 / UIC / Hull House, Chicago, IL