My name is Avigail Viray Bautista (I go by “Vi”—pronounced similarly to “key”), and I’m a multidisciplinary designer specializing in creative direction, design strategy, and ethnographic research. I create work that addresses the intersections of art, design, anthropology, social change, and curatorial studies. I firmly believe in ethnographically oriented methods and design thinking as tools to engage with topics and issues pertinent to our time.

Collaboration is a core part of my practice—I’m a big fan of community-run creative projects. So much so that I co-founded two art and design collectives in recent years, KAIRE (2014–2016) and Export Quality (2015/7–present).

I am finishing my last credits of undergraduate school at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and currently in pursuit of a full-time creative position! Shoot me a message if you like what I do.

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Let me show you what I’ve done so far...

Exhibitions / Showcases
File, Save, Export: an Export Quality Collective Exhibition / 2017 / 187 Augusta, Toronto, ON
Open Engagement Conference: as part of Rebirth Garments fashion show / 2017 / Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL
The Design Show / 2017 / Chicago Art Department, Chicago, IL
SAIC BFA Show / 2017 / Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL
Nandito Na Ako: I'm Here, Now (2nd traveling iteration) / 2017 / ETSU, Johnson City, TN
LiT! : Living in Technicolor / 2016 / Toronto, Ontario, CA
Nandito Na Ako: I'm Here, Now (1st traveling iteration) /2016 / Tipton Gallery, Johnson City, TN
Nandito Na Ako: I'm Here, Now / 2016 / Leroy Neiman Gallery, Chicago, IL
All Dogs Go To Hell Part 2 / 2015 / Chicago, IL
New Blood VIII / 2015 / Links Hall, Chicago, IL
ExFEST / 2014 / SAIC Columbus Auditorium, Chicago, IL
48.24.12 Film Festival / 2014 / Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL
Student Community Exhibition / 2012 / Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA

Jacque and Natasha Gelman Scholarship recipient / 2017 / Chicago, IL
AMITA Health Design Hackathon (1st place winning team) / 2016 / Arlington Heights, IL
19th Annual Odyssey Travel Grant recipient / 2016 / Chicago, IL
Dean's List of Outstanding Students / 2015 / Chicago, IL
Leon W. Guggenheim Scholarship recipient / 2015 / Chicago, IL
Eleanor Foster Foundation Scholarship recipient /2015 / Chicago, IL
New Blood VIII Exhibiting Artist / 2014 / Chicago, IL
ExFest, Jury's Pick / 2014 / Chicago, IL
Morton Salt Girl Centennial Scholarship recipient/ 2014 / Chicago, IL
“48.24.12” 48-hour Film Festival (1st place winning team) / 2014 / Chicago, IL
Int'l Fumetto Comix-Festival Feature (as part of Gokhan Ersan’s Intro VisCom class submission) / 2013 / Lucerne, Switzerland
California Scholarship Federation Life Member / 2013 / San Mateo, CA
Duane Hagen Scholarship recipient / 2013 / San Mateo, CA
California Arts Scholar / Governor's Medallion / 2012 / Valencia, CA
Pixar Animation Studios CSSSA Scholarship recipient / 2012 / Valencia, CA
McConville Award for the Arts / 2011 / San Mateo, CA

Talks / Presentations
FACT Conference: “Common Threads” representing the Field Museum Co-Curation led by Jerico Domingo / 2017 / University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
Pamanang Pinoy: Shields & Armor / 2017 / The Field Museum, Chicago, IL
School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Board of Governors / 2016 / SAIC, Chicago, IL
Word Vomit / 2013 / UIC / Hull House, Chicago, IL

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