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Select public work I've done


expired - sen morimoto remix
 graphic design
Cover graphic for Tokyo and LA-based artists MIRRROR’s single ‘expired - sen morimoto remix’. Available on all music streaming services.

 graphic design
Title design direction for Tokyo and LA-based MIRRROR’s short film centered on their sophomore album, POLARIZE. Released by Spincoaster Japan, Featured on i-D Vice Japan.

 graphic design
Art Direction + Design for Tokyo and LA-based artists MIRRROR’s sophomore album, POLARIZE. Available on all music streaming services.

FIFTY(like that) Licaxxx Remix
 graphic design
Cover graphic for Tokyo and LA-based MIRRROR’s single, ‘FIFTY(like that)’ remixed by Japanese DJ Licaxxx. Available on all music streaming services.

 graphic design
Merch for Tokyo and LA-based musicians, MIRRROR. Printed in LA, distributed in Tokyo. Limited run.

never fall in love (Remix by Daigo Sakuragi)
 graphic design
Cover graphic for Tokyo and LA-based musicians MIRRROR’s single, ‘never fall in love’ remixed by Daigo Sakuragi (of D.A.N.) Available on all music streaming services.

Her Notoriety Playlist Series
 graphic design
Cover Graphics for Her Notoriety’s 3-part weekend playlist series in conjunction with Complexcon Chicago’s debut.

Her Notoriety: Through the Lens
 graphic design
Her Notoriety’s Merch contribution for Through The Lens: Streetwear, powered by Adidas Originals. Photographs provided and shot by Lili Fang.

Puma RS-X for Finish Line 
 art direction, creative production, editorial campaign
Ideated the storytelling concepts for each colorway of the Puma Women’s RS-X line. Managed the editorial workflow and produced the build-outs for the shoots. Worked directly with the Her Notoriety team to design, shoot, and direct the campaign images. These visual assets are just a portion of over 50+ assets provided for Finish Line and Puma.

Mahal Healing Arts
 branding
Commissioned by Mahal Healing Arts c/o Kiam Marcelo Junio to prototype the brand’s identity and logomark for their product line and services focusing on holistic and spiritual life coaching and customized aromatherapy.

FILIPINX c/o King Marie
 visual direction
Visual direction for FILIPINX, an event series by DJ King Marie in partnership with The Annex. Logo and final typesetting edit in partnership with The Annex team.

NAKIKITA Media Series
 creative direction + production, grantsmanship
Co-Helmed NAKIKITA, a 2018 Crossroads Fund Youth for Social Change Grant endowment project concepted as a short-form media series with accompanied programming documenting overshadowed topics within the local, national, and global Filipino community. Featured below are excerpts from our Gender & Sexuality episode. Free Spirit Media spotlighted our Food & Authenticity programming here.

Export Quality Collective
 branding
Identity and business card design for Export Quality Collective, a 12+ member creative collective based out of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo.

AAPIHM Figures for AAASS
 print design
Poster series for SAIC’s Asian + Asian–American student association, in conjunction with Asian American and Pacific Islander History Month (AAPIHM). Highlighted the impact of several influential Asian and Pacific Islander figures within the context of creative and political culture.

Century Geometric
 experimental typography, visual programming
An experiment inspired by the typeface Century Gothic. Generated skeletal structures spawning from the letterforms using the NURBS-based 3D modeling software Rhinoceros 3D CAD, alongside its algorithmic programming language component, Grasshopper 3D. Special thanks to my former Professor Brett Balogh for the Grasshopper programming help.

Nandito Na Ako: I’m Here, Now
 curation, exhibition design
Co-curated a 9-member art & design exhibition showcasing conversations surrounding the complex identities of Filipinx-/Americans. This traveling exhibition featured at SITE Galleries in Chicago and Tipton Gallery in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Culture and Climate: Mythological Interpretations of Tropical Cyclone in the Pacific (Tāwhirimātea)
 print design, zine
Visual manifestation of research on mythological tales as a means to bridge accessibility between climate and culture, and as an imperative part of shaping civilizations and understanding scientific phenomena.